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10% commission for website referrals.

Know a business that needs an online presence?


Here's How it Works

Identify a client or personal contact you know could benefit from a professional online presence. 

  1. Send an email to them introducing us and CC Use the script at the bottom of this page if you like.

  2. We’ll reach out to your referral and take them through our education and sales process. We promise to honor their time and get very clear on what they need to satisfy their goals/problems.

  3. If we are a mutual match, we’ll create a custom proposal for them to consider.

  4. If they move forward we'll send you 10% of the revenue of the initial website build!

How it Works

Why this Works

We love referrals—they let us concentrate more on doing great work and less on “hustling up” the next sale.

That’s why we’ve made the choice to incentivize our best clients and partners (that’s you!) to help us find other great businesses to work with.

When you refer your clients or friends to us, we’ll design a beautiful website that actually works—using a reliable & enjoyable process so that your referrals are happy every step of the way.

By sending us only the best referrals we'll be set up for success and you'll look like a connected superhero. Win win!

We understand that giving a referral is an endorsement and can put your reputation on the line. We'll take care of your referrals like they are family... including the tough love coaching that is sometimes required.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Email Script

Use as is or season to taste. Don't forget to CC on the email

Hi [referral name],


Please meet John Adams, the owner of John Adams Web Design, a web design & marketing agency who has helped hundreds of businesses get online, get more leads and make more sales.

They focus on building websites that look professional, are easy to use, mobile friendly, and that compel website visitors to pick up the phone.

John and his team can help you understand what services and strategy are needed to solve your specific company goals.  You can view some of the features/services he offers here:

I’ll let you two take it from here.



Questions or need to get in touch with us?


Send us an email at or:

Toll Free: 1-800-574-0908

Local: 559-707-4414

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